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The Boy Who Brought Down a Bathhouse: Rolyn Chambers and putting the art back into gay sex
December 07, 2017
Drew Rowsome is a writer, editor, musician and pop culture critic.
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Is the queer community ready to defend public sex?
December 01, 2016
As the community response to the police crackdown on men cruising for sex in Marie Curtis Park continues to unfold, I’ve been thinking about the past. It’s what I do; I’m a historian.
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Chief of Police says TPS regrets the 1981 bathhouse raids in statement to gay community
June 27, 2016
Police chief Mark Saunders said the Toronto Police Service "expressed its regrets" for the targeted bathhouse raids against the city's gay community more than 30 years ago at police headquarters late Wednesday afternoon.
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Director Alisa Palmer on her new play Body Politic and LGBT identities
May 31, 2016
Body Politic, a new play that involves infamous bathhouse raids, scandalous magazine articles and a lead gay character struggling to straddle the generation gap, is a historical reimagination of controversies surrounding the monthly gay publication The Body Politic, published in Toronto from 1971 to 1987. The Globe and Mail spoke to prominent director Alisa Palmer about the production.
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A Brief History Of Pride Toronto
May 14, 2016
Pride Toronto is one of the biggest Pride festivals in North America - learn about the history and background behind Toronto's LGBTQ community... In 1981, Toronto police officers raided Toronto’s Gay Village, breaking down doors and rounding up citizens in various bathhouses, most of whom were brought into the streets wearing only a towel. ‘Operation Soap’ arrested over 300 men — the largest mass ...
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Seven slutty places in Toronto | Daily Xtra
May 11, 2016
Mike Miksche’s guide to getting piggy and playing in ‘Hogtown’
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A new reality for Toronto’s bathhouses
December 22, 2014
As industry crumbles in the U.S., Canadians turn upscale.
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