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Jason Bailey

Jason Bailey

Jason Bailey

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Club Pittsburgh
Jason Bailey (Marketing)
1139 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA   15222

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Business Type: Bathhouse/Sauna

Member Since: 2018

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One of the most frequent questions that we get is "What's the busiest night?" The answer is Saturday. Saturday is a crazy, magical, busy night. It's a chill but decent crowd in the late afternoon and it starts to pick up even more after 10pm. By 1 or 2am we are filled with people. We run out of rooms every Saturday, however you're welcome to be put on a waiting list. What we do in that situation is give you a locker while you wait. When a room becomes available, we call your locker number over the loudspeaker. If you reaaaaaaaly want a room and don't want to be on the waiting list, we suggest that you come a bit early. Additionally, you have in-and-out privileges. If you’d like to arrive at 8 before rooms are sold out, come up and purchase a room, and then leave to go out for food or a drink you’re welcome to. Your eight hour rental time still ticks down while you’re gone but when you’re finished with your night out, you can return to the club knowing that your room is there waiting for you. If you want to stay longer you can always renew as well. The club is packed all night as well. We stay busy until about 6 or 7am. So if you’re looking for the busiest, craziest night of the week, just come here any Saturday ever.

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